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Excellent service!!! Andi was such a great help! I was in need to see a doctor but my old pcp was too busy to see me. I tried everything to change pcp but it wouldn't be effective right away. I was so frustrated and I talked to Andi, and she helped me contact the insurance company and changed to another doctor and also got me ID card really quickly. 5 stars for her service!!!!
發布日期: 02 April 2016
發布者: Amber X.
Grace Zhu did a great job and told me a lot about the insurance policy, thanks a lot for her great service.
發布日期: 31 March 2016
發布者: Arnold K.
Grace provides very good service, she explained everything to me, I'm a insurance pro now. Thank you so much Grace.
發布日期: 31 March 2016
發布者: Winan C.
Ingrid Shen is really helpful. She helped me bind my auto policy and she explained everything to me. Would highly recommend her to somebody who need insurance!
發布日期: 31 March 2016
發布者: Daohan S.
Paul and Gary helped us do the 1094 and 1095 filing in a timely manner. They are very friendly and provided a very professional service.

And Angel offers us health insurance advisory service. She is always very nice and friendly and gives us big help.
發布日期: 30 March 2016
發布者: Yimei C.
Thank U Simon for your professional service! And great gratitude to Emily for your passion and nice memory as well!! All the best wishes to KCAL Insurance Agency, Diamond Bar!!!
發布日期: 30 March 2016
發布者: J L.
Bruce Yu is fantastic!!! Very patient and professional! Love KCAL insurance! Recommend to anyone and everyone!
發布日期: 30 March 2016
發布者: Chery L.
Just got my auto insurance from KCAL insurance. Bruce Yu was my agent and he is GREAT! Explain everything and help me explore all my options about different types of insurance. Highly recommend KCAL insurance and Agent Bruce! They are GREAT! So professional and patient with me.
發布日期: 30 March 2016
發布者: Tiffany M.
Finally made time to come here to make some changes with my car insurance. Eureka was the one who helped me with the changes and she is very professional, patient and helpful. She explained everything clearly which unlike the other agencies who doesn't even care! I am Glad to have my insurance with kcal!
發布日期: 25 March 2016
發布者: Daisy H.
Grace zhu help me to buy my medical insurance which price is much lower than other agents give me!! Thanks for her help. Highly recommend!
發布日期: 22 March 2016
發布者: Emma L.

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