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Thank you to Ruth Chen for all of her personal help! Dealing with insurance is so confusing and it's so nice to have a direct line to get my questions answered!
發布日期: 06 May 2016
發布者: Jessica J.
Andi Cheng is so good at work! She was very patient and kind. I asked a lot of questions about my health insurance and she was nice enough to answer them all one by one with every details i did not expected. She always responded my emails within a timely manner too!
Also, i think she has a very cute personality and could be a friend of clients. :) Overall i really like my representative Andi!!!
發布日期: 27 April 2016
發布者: Candice L.
I had a very pleasant experience with Miss Jasmine Hung. I really appreciate every time her excellent and outstanding customer service. I am impressed with all of her assistance and promptness. I am very glad to have her service.
發布日期: 26 April 2016
發布者: Denise H.
Ms Yen Zhang is fantastic.

Precise, Patient, and Professional.
Very glad to be her customer.

With rapid changes of today's medical insurance reforms, you will need an experienced agent to guide you through all the questions and concerns.

Especially if you had been pampered by corporate group insurance, it's your first time out in the real world, on your own. You WILL have tons of questions, and Ms Zhang is ready to help!

The communication is thoroughly and promptly. Worked with her Over year and half, highly recommend her!

Come on down, give her a visit!
發布日期: 26 April 2016
發布者: Andrew W.
He is amazing!! What a nice agent!

He did everything he could

His attitude is too nice
發布日期: 23 April 2016
發布者: Lavi C.
Recently I got my auto insurance with the help from Ingrid Shen. She's very professional and always responded to my questions in time. I saved a few hundreds compared to the offer from my former agent in Pasadena. Will look forward to future contact.
發布日期: 15 April 2016
發布者: Mindan L.
Without a doubt, Cindy is the best Insurance agent I ever met, she is smart and fast to find out the best plan. It barely took 15 mins for my to add insurance on my car and I love the efficiency and help delivered by Cindy. By the way, she is pretty.

And recently I need to change my auto insurance for full coverage instead of basic policy and add home insurance for my new apartment. The new service staff, Fan, if my memory was right, is really patient and helpful on solving those issues for me. Nevertheless, he explain in detail about different auto coverage insurance plan that I fully understand what I need indeed. My thanks to those who make insurance issue such easy case for me!
發布日期: 15 April 2016
發布者: Chao S.
West Covina, CA
Diane Cheng is very helpful
And she is knowledgeable and patient in answering my questions. She helped me a lot in choosing my commercial plans. I always contact her whenever I have questions about my plan. Good services. Highly recommend!
發布日期: 14 April 2016
發布者: 凌峰
Agent Miss Grace Zhu is very helpful! She is knowledgeable and patient in answering my questions. She helped me a lot in choosing my health plans. She explained the plans restrictions and benefits in detail. I always contact her whenever I have questions about my plan. She helped me a lot on my insurance problems that I could never solve! She's always willing to help and definitely the BEST agent of all!!
發布日期: 13 April 2016
發布者: Winly N.
Although I did not have the opportunity to meet Jecci Chen, her professional work impressed us. She is always polite and helpful.
發布日期: 05 April 2016
發布者: Harry H.

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