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Lynn is my agent and she's perfect! She tried her best to find the best plan for us and gave great suggestions. Since we went abroad for a long period of time, she replied my emails patiently and in a timely manner.
發布日期: 14 March 2017
發布者: Taoran L.
Cindy Hu was very helpful and responded quickly to all of my questions. She provided competitive quotes and the whole process was easy and painless. Highly recommended!
發布日期: 13 March 2017
發布者: Leeder H.
I am extremely happy about the quick , efficient and excellent customer service received from Valerie Liu. She is very helpful and friendly. Every time I call for any concert or premium increase , she is helping me quickly. Highly recommended to your guys.
發布日期: 11 March 2017
發布者: Nina Y.
我衷心地感谢华兴保险的Ingrid shen小姐! Ingrid对业务非常精通,处处以客户的利益出发,为客户争取最大的权益。这么多年,经历过很多的保险经纪人,素质真是参差不齐,能够遇到Ingrid是我最大的幸运,以后入保险就找Ingrid! 省时,省力,省心,省钱,同时还温暖,温馨,温和! 给Ingrid五星赞!!!!!
發布日期: 03 March 2017
發布者: lucy0111
I am highly recommend the KCAL's agent Kris Wang, I trust her and she provides the great services for my health care insurance
發布日期: 28 February 2017
發布者: Wilson P.
cindy is a nice and beautiful girl that you really need to talk to. she helped me get my best insurance policy. you won't regret to have her to be your insurance agent. thanks cindy. !
發布日期: 16 February 2017
發布者: Alvin X.
Ingrid Shen sets the role model in the insurance industry! She's always there when you need things done and not just for new businesses. She's the only reason why I stay loyal with Kcal insurance. Keep up the good work:)
發布日期: 11 February 2017
發布者: Steve C.
I used Kcal for almost 3 years, and there is only one reason for me to continue with Kcal is that they have Ingrid Shen helping me. She is so careful and responsible, and is always ready to help me when I have problEMS!
It's lucky to have Ingrid Shen as my customer service and I will still use KCAL as long as she is there!
發布日期: 10 February 2017
發布者: Ivy W.
Cindy is really good. Very responsive and made sure I didn't overpay when my mortgage company wanted me to reassess. Cindy is very friendly in-person as well as via the phone and email. Glad we made the switch after our other company raised their rates!
發布日期: 08 February 2017
發布者: Ian D.
Cindy Hu was polite, patient, professional, and efficient. Auto insurance quote was provided with great coverages and competitive rates in less than 2 min. She further suggested to combine my home insurance and auto insurance together, so that I could take the advantages to save more. She explained all the details on the coverages, and helped me to file the claim for my water damage. Sincerely appreciate all the effort.
發布日期: 07 February 2017
發布者: Qin L.

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