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Both Christine Chu and Echo Ng are professional, friendly and provide prompt services. I am glad that I found them. Will definitely recommend to my friends!
發布日期: 08 May 2013
發布者: Jennifer W.
I was helping my parents get some quotes as we're due for a renewal soon, and I decided to give this place a try. I placed a call and Allison helped me out with all of my requests. The service was quick and friendly, just like you'd want it to be.
發布日期: 08 May 2013
發布者: Derrick C.
My job is in contact with this company for insurance purposes. I've personally been in communication with their representatives on several occasions.

One of the great things about this company is how promptly the employees respond. There is always someone available to help which is exactly what every company needs!

Melissa Ho, Ivy Chang, and Julian Chu have been of great assistance.
發布日期: 07 May 2013
發布者: Sophia L.
Griffin at KCAL had done a wonderful job for our commercial insurance. Good people in a good agent, it is the key to the success of this company. They care about your business.
發布日期: 01 May 2013
發布者: Erik C.
Nina Szutu was very helpful with my health insurance. She also helped me sort out my insurance for when I traveled out of the country. She was very kind and patient and answered all of my questions.
發布日期: 20 April 2013
發布者: Tiffany T.
highly recommended. great service. My agent is JC C. there and she always find me the best quote for my home & autos with quality services.
發布日期: 13 April 2013
發布者: Edwin T.
I currently have life insurance here, and I was late on a payment. I have not been getting any mail for this. Luckily, my agent, Tim, called me to remind me to make the payment before it was too late. My policy is a very small amount and I was very surprised the effort they put into keeping small fish like myself around. Definitely will think about switching my other insurance when my family decides to kick me off theirs.
發布日期: 12 April 2013
發布者: Richard Y.
KCAL's rather famous in the Chinese community. They spend a sizeable investment in radio, yellowpage and TV ads while hosting annual community meet and greets for area businesses.

Despite the spending, and the immense staff, and the matching dress policy for the attractive sales executives, KCAL's health insurance rates were spot-on, and they answer promptly via 8 branches with the sales team (ohai Katy C.!). They have connections through out every facet of local business, and have become an important part of the local community. So kudos to the entire team, and please don't raise my rates next year.

Bonus point: free CA employment poster every year.
發布日期: 10 April 2013
發布者: Tony C.
I don't always buy insurance. But when I do, William Cheung whom works here is the agent to go.
I needed to purchase insurance for my brand new driver brother, william walked my brother through all the knowledges that's essential for first timer, tailored a policy best for him and throw in a bunch of on the road tips.
Both my brother and I came out happy and saved a couple clams comparing to other quotes.
發布日期: 01 April 2013
發布者: Alex C.
All the people there are nice~~ sweet~~
Thanks for Dani, Daphne and Katy take care my insurance~
professional~quick respond~ and Beautiful~~LOL
發布日期: 30 March 2013
發布者: ANson C.

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