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Cathy Tsai
CA Lic. #0B07015是你们华兴的骄傲!试试处处为我们客户着想,耐心,热心,而且很专业,是难得的优秀的保险人!我们夫妻希望华兴公司给予Cathy Tsai表扬,让华兴员工们以Cathy Tsai为榜样!共创华兴的辉煌!
發布日期: 09 September 2014
發布者: William Stone & Lucy
I've had good experience with KCAL Insurance before with my previous employer. So when time comes to get my own insurance, I thought of calling them. Dani is very helpful and patient with all my questions. She provides me with very useful tips to help me save money! Highly recommend.
發布日期: 02 August 2014
發布者: Xing S.
Agent Ruth is very patient and nice. She always solves my insurance issues in time and save me lots of trouble.
發布日期: 26 July 2014
發布者: Andy H.
Best of the best. I've just been to the Kcal branch in Monterey Park. Rita Wang is the right person to reach. She had a lot of patience and she found an auto insurance company that fits me most, that helps me to save 500 yearly. She is hot as well. I highly recommend her.
發布日期: 24 July 2014
發布者: XINYA W.
Kacy has been my agent for years!! She's always there for me when I have a question or a concern, She's friendly and helpful and always has excellent advice. Be sure to make appointment with her though because she might not be in the office. Five star service all the way! Thank you KCAL.
發布日期: 13 July 2014
發布者: Leon C.
Awesome service & great staff !!

The staffs are so professional and I purchased all my insurance products through KCAL insurance many years ago. Eva and her team have been provided me and my company excellent services. Especially Peggy Liu who is an awesome agent I ever met, she always updates me any promotions and reminds me any new regulation about my insurance. She is such a nice girl, very patient and reliable, will always happy to answer you any questions, and always eager to help.

I would definitely recommend their service to anyone I know, since you can't go wrong with this awesome team!!
發布日期: 02 July 2014
發布者: Qiyu C.
Because my mom retired, our family had to switch over to my dad's policy, which was with KCAL, and they were super accommodating with everything. All the information was sorted quickly, which I was really thankful for because I had to get an extra asthma inhaler and I was in a different state at the time, so I was worried I wouldn't have one if I got an attack. Although my parents primarily work with the agents at Hacienda Heights, they were able to get ahold of the agents in San Gabriel at a later hour (I think the hours of the branches are different). Happy that we didn't have to go through the headache normally associated when dealing with insurance. :)
發布日期: 25 June 2014
發布者: Elleen P.
My experience at Kcal Insurance is excellent! They have friendly and profession staff that will get you the policy you need. This is why I purchased my vehicle and health insurance with them, the rate is reasonable and you can speak to a representative in seconds!
發布日期: 24 June 2014
發布者: Tina L.
Kcal s very friendly and helpful. The staff Ruth there s very nice, helping my parents at any time they need and responding my questions and concerns quite fast, love her.
發布日期: 15 June 2014
發布者: Fiona T.
I appreciate Yvonne and Yen's quick and patient services! The bill problem is solved in one week.
發布日期: 10 June 2014
發布者: Huang N.

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