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Cindy Hu is a really kind and professional agent. She also gives the best customer service. I have a lot of questions to ask, it is kind of annoying. But she will answers every single question that I asked. And she does things really fast, never let her customer down. Very nice, kind, patient, never have attitude. Highly recommend!!!!!
發布日期: 12 July 2017
發布者: Yuxi C.
"Perfect service!! I want to say thank you to Victoria Yang and Yen Zhang. I found KCAL just for my liability insurance, Victoria Yang help me time after time to help me correct and update my information. My feeling is she always stand on my side, help me to reduce budget meanwhile protect my interests.
Yen Zheng, helped me for auto, she spent lots of time, give me a impeccable quote!!

Going forward, all my insueance, I will find KCAL( Victoria Yang) for help! Best service in US!!

几乎完美的服务,华兴保险威名远播,这是我第一次找他们服务,是Victoria Yang给我服务的,帮我购买了商业保险,在第二年,她事无巨细地帮助我更新信息,来来回回多次! 我感觉她站在我的角度帮我节省费用,却合法合理地去保障我的利益!我十分感谢和赞赏!

后来我又找过 Yen Zheng,咨询过汽车保险!Zheng花费了很多时间给我了一份无可挑剔的保险!同样价格市场最低,条目确是很好!!

發布日期: 11 July 2017
發布者: Edgar D.
I have invited KCAL San Gabriel Agency to manage the home/auto insurance of my family for 10 years and very impressed with the quality service this agency provided. Moving Home from Laguna Niquel to the Bay area, I called Ms Ingrid Shen for help to switch my family insurance policy to new address and very pleased with her cordial service and professional knowledge - it was easy and well settled. This agent deserves five stars, I think.
發布日期: 06 July 2017
發布者: Yuhua David L.
This insurance company especially Nick has been really helpful with different type of issue and situation.
發布日期: 06 July 2017
發布者: Yuju T.
Nice staffs, Thank you Maverick & Ingrid! The quotation are fast, and the process are easy, good thing they even works on Sunday!
發布日期: 02 July 2017
發布者: Wayne L.
Really good service! Thanks for Ingrid's help! Really appreciate! Would definitely recommend to my friends.
發布日期: 30 June 2017
發布者: Kailin L.
"I highly recommend Kris Wang!!! She is very patient and helpful with my any insurance questions!
Give her five stars!!!'"
發布日期: 27 June 2017
發布者: Valerie C.
Sean Zhao had the best customer service. Very professional and meticulous. Had a very good response time with emails and was very willing to work with my family and I. Sean had an easy going attitude. I have worked with a couple other agents before and they were not as good as him.
發布日期: 11 June 2017
發布者: Steven C.
I want to give a five star review to Rikki Xu at this branch. She helped us a lot dealing with the family health insurance since 2015. Whenever I have a question ,she will explain it patiently to me and find the solution for me. So helpful. Really feel grateful to have such a staff in Kcal insurance.

發布日期: 02 June 2017
發布者: Li L.
Had some issues with accident claim need report . Came to office ask one of the worker named Bruce Yu . He was very nice and patience helped us called the insurance asked for a interpret . He also helped us looked up the house insurance estimate. good place to recommend^_^
發布日期: 01 June 2017
發布者: Melanie Z.

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