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I've been here for couple times. Stacy Wu is definitely the best agent I've even seen. She helped me save $$$.
發布日期: 24 January 2015
發布者: Alex Z.
I enjoy the process of getting insured. The lady that me, Amy Zhong, is super friendly! I really recommend this insurance agency when I came she greeted me with a friendly attitude and I didn't feel nervous at all。 also at the she was recommending me to an internship that her was offering so yeah this place is great
發布日期: 23 January 2015
發布者: Kevin D.
Wonderful experience to work with Paul . Nice personality and charming smile :) Very patiently to all my questions. Always gives professional advice based on my requirements.
發布日期: 22 January 2015
發布者: Elaine L.
Today I walked in Kcal San Gabriel office to buy my auto insurance . Amy Zhong give us a lot of help, she is very professional and she provided detail information for my auto insurance and service is great, highly recommend her to all my friends!!!!
發布日期: 17 January 2015
發布者: Charles L.
Very nice service!good job!My family buy all insurance here!服务态度好,非常专业!非常耐心!强烈推荐大家都来找Amy Zhang!最好的经纪人!
發布日期: 17 January 2015
發布者: Weijie S
My customer service is served by Paul Sun . He is a very guy!
He answered me a lot questions and gave me some useful advice . I like his working attitude, his boss is a lucky boss , because I almost want to cancel my contract with their company , but after Paul's service I choose stay with them .
發布日期: 13 January 2015
發布者: Yanni Z.
I appreciate Candice good service! She got a great rate for my car insurance. She is very professional and patient. I highly recommend my friends to buy insurance from her.
發布日期: 06 January 2015
發布者: Leo Z.
KCAL has a good service: ) My parents, my boyfriend and I all bought the health insurance from agent Ken He. He is a very nice guy, very patient to his customers. He is also knowledgeable about the health insurance. I asked him a lot of questions, he answered every single one. Highly recommend to buy health insurance from him!
發布日期: 24 December 2014
發布者: Song Y.
I came in a while ago and my experience here was awesome, Paul is super friendly and helpful, recommend :)
發布日期: 19 December 2014
發布者: Angela L.
Kcal Insurance is excellent! They have friendly and profession staff :)
發布日期: 15 December 2014
發布者: Denise W.

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