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As a walk-in customer, I received professional advise and service from Jessie and I think her last name is Chou. Very helpful with a lot of patient. I haven't seen an agent provided such a great service for a long time and she is very detail and understandable. I believe whoever is working on that site will provide the same service too. Highly recommend!!
發布日期: 30 January 2015
發布者: Rickie L.
They have a very good service, Lisa is my current agent she help us get the best rate for our new purchased home and save couple hundreds dollars compare other agency and I will highly recommend her to my friends and family :)
發布日期: 30 January 2015
發布者: Yaxin W.
Edward helped me with my auto/home service. He is very professional and helped me combine my properties and save a lot of money. Highly recommend him for auto and home quote!
發布日期: 30 January 2015
發布者: Zhejun P.
KCAL insurance is probably the largest (or most advertised) insurance agency in the area. I had the pleasure to work with Cindy Hu in the Hacienda Heights branch when I needed to purchase Homeowners Insurance a while back. She is professional, experienced, and passionate about her job. She was very patient over the phone and explained the policy in detail. The price quoted was surprisingly fair, I expected it to be much more expensive. It was a good experience working with her and her company. Will do business with again!
發布日期: 29 January 2015
發布者: Jing Y.
Got my life insurance from Emily Luo. She is very nice and friendly. It doesn't hurt when she is always watching out for my benefits as well. She went through all the different options with me and did her recommendation. I am really thankful that I've met her. To me, she is more than just my insurance agent. She is my friend! Thank you Emily! You are the best.
發布日期: 29 January 2015
發布者: Sasha Z.
Special thanks to Agent Maverick Wang!
He's highly responsible, efficient, professional & friendly. Maverick helped me saved couple hundreds by bundling my home & auto insurance together.
發布日期: 29 January 2015
發布者: Stephy H.
Agent Cathy Tsai is knowledge and helpful for my home and auto insurance, I am glad to have her service!
發布日期: 28 January 2015
發布者: Jennifer T.
I'm so thankful that I got referred to Jun Lu by my friend. I only talked to her on the phone and she was able to give me the best price around the area. She was also able to complete my insurance application incredibly fast. I actually called her several times again afterwards and she was very patient to explain to me something that she probably told me couple times already. I highly recommend her to be anyone's insurance agent!
發布日期: 28 January 2015
發布者: 佐弘
Jun Lu was extremely helpful to me as a first time car buyer. I highly recommend her to anyone who wants to have someone who can help them to find what they really need for auto insurance. When I first bought my car, I only knew that the law requires us to have insurance and that's about it. I decided to walk-in to KCAL and Jun was very nice to greet me immediately. She explained the insurance policy in detail and introduced me with many discounts that I was eligible for but didn't know any of them before . She helped me to find the one that fit my situation best and had the lowest cost. I really appreciate her help!
發布日期: 28 January 2015
發布者: Frankie Z.
Jane Zhang 人很nice!可以帮大家做很多保险的事!大家也可以来咨询下啊!这里服务也很好啊,特别热情!还有小礼物送啊!哈哈哈哈哈哈哈哈
發布日期: 27 January 2015
發布者: Yang C.

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