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I had very good experiences with KCAL Insurance Agency for the past one year. So I kept choosing to work with them this year. My agent Ingrid Shen helps a lot, and she makes everything as convenient as possible.
發布日期: 31 March 2015
發布者: Yingjing Z.
thank you for YAWEI help in order to get my health insurance smoothly. she was nice, detailed, explain everything very clearly. definately a good agent you are looking for.
i finally choose kaiser health insurance for my current year protecrion, she even offers me about enrollment assistant and appointment help.
發布日期: 23 March 2015
發布者: Leo X.
Special thanks to Yawei zhang for helping me with my baby's health insurance, she explained very detailed with very kind attitude. I'm satisfying her service, thanks a lot ~ I will recommend kcal to others for sure
發布日期: 23 March 2015
發布者: Lll L.
I had a great experience with KCAL Insurance Agency. I was looking for health insurance and was recommended by my friend. The lady who is Rikki that helped me was so knowledgeable and really nice. She explained all my choices and was super helpful. My mom went to other one last year and had issues so she told me to look elsewhere for insurance. THANK GOD I took her words to heart because my current agent at KCAL always tries to help me when I have an issue.
發布日期: 23 March 2015
發布者: Tao L.
Thank you Bruce Yu for his patience to all my questions even I might not switch my policy to them. Excellent service!
發布日期: 20 March 2015
發布者: Michelle L.
I had an extremely good experience with KCAL Insurance Agency. Agent Ingrid Shen worked with me in a very quick and detailed manner. I am very satisfied with my experience with them.
發布日期: 19 March 2015
發布者: Brian H.
KCAL had a really helpful seminar, and i bought personal medical insurance from Karen with nice service. They always let you feel comfortable and never hard sell to you. In that seminar, Sophie and Annie were taking care of me a lot, listening my questions and introducing me the right person to solve it. They are always smile while helping you even they are not sales person. Sophie and Annie service you as a friend of you. Thank you Karen,Sophie,and Annie for helping me solve all insurance question for both personal and business.
發布日期: 17 March 2015
發布者: Ellen L.
I was in urgent need of individual health insurance. Ruth Chen was very professional, friendly, and patient. She was always there to answer my questions, and she explained everything I needed to know about my plan. The communication was smooth, and she always responded in a timely manner. I will recommend KCAL and Ruth to anyone that need any insurance product.
發布日期: 17 February 2015
發布者: Ai-Ting W.
5 stars services for sure! just moved back to LA, needed a health insurance and I found Jane Zhang, she was very helpful, and amazingly nice!! go for Jane!
發布日期: 13 February 2015
發布者: Hongbo Q.
Maggie Cao is very professional agent! She was very patient and knowledgeable. I went there to look for a insurance for my auto and house insurance. And other associates are very pleasant too.
發布日期: 13 February 2015
發布者: I C.

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