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Nina Szutu is the best agent for Healthcare, life , auto, home, commercial, workers comp.
It was a 5 stars service and she was very knowledgeable. I would definitely recommend this place!
發布日期: 25 September 2015
發布者: Jenny C.
I bought the insurance from Lisa, she is pretty and nice. This is 100% the cheapest insurance if you do check some insurance companies. I am satisfied to have the good insurance for all the coverage but lower price. Highly recommend.
發布日期: 15 September 2015
發布者: Meng X.
Insurance agent Ingrid Shen is really helpful! She helped me find the suitable insurance for me!
發布日期: 12 September 2015
發布者: Wen Z.
Came in today to re-shop my auto insurance. Jun provided excellent service by patiently exploring all the options for me. She answered all my questions and gave me a way better deal than what I had before. Highly recommended Jun for anyone that needs a new auto insurance or wanna re-shop for other options.
發布日期: 12 September 2015
發布者: Stanley L.
Great location, good environment, friendly agent. I really want to mention my agent Lisa, she's good person and efficient helper.
發布日期: 11 September 2015
發布者: Eva J.
I bought the insurance from Ken yesterday, he was very patient and nice, everyone in the office was friendly and professional!
發布日期: 11 September 2015
發布者: Angela Z.
Nick is very helpful & professional, great services!
發布日期: 10 September 2015
發布者: Aven P.
Good service. The people there help me to solve everything that I need. The day was hot, but she gave me cold water and ask me to relax while I am waiting for my insurance to be paid.
發布日期: 10 September 2015
發布者: Sean T.
Special thanks to agent Rikki Xu and Calvin Wang, also Manager Kacy Kao. Rikki helped me with my health insurance, she was very efficient and patient as she answer all my questions. She explained very detailed and with very kind attitude. In addition, manager Kacy and agent Calvin helped me saved a lot by adding student discount and bundling my home and auto insurance together. They were very friendly and professional. Definately a good agency you are looking for!!
發布日期: 09 September 2015
發布者: Yawei Z.
This review is for our family agent Freda Liu. We have been working with her for the past few years and she has always been helpful and informative.
She's quick in responding to emails and phone calls. I would recommend Freda to people who are looking for an agent :)
發布日期: 08 September 2015
發布者: Jennifer S.

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