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Kris Wang has been very helpful with choosing the health insurance for my family. Very patient,knowledgeable, and excellent follow up. Dealing with Kris is such a fantastic experience,call her!
發布日期: 08 December 2015
發布者: Jay H.
The company is great! Have great insurance policy to customers need.. Only thing, Candice Lin isn't helping. Left her 3-4 emails, no reply at all. Voice message, no reply. Phone calls-no answer....someone else helped for me. I have no idea why. Just saying, it's kinda annoying
發布日期: 04 December 2015
發布者: Joyce L.
My insurance agent Maverick Wang has been a great help to my car and home loan insurance. He showed a kind personality and worked hard to find the best insurance plan for me. I greatly recommend Maverick Wang and you can trust him to aid you with your insurance problems.
發布日期: 18 November 2015
發布者: Corinna H.
I have been with KCAL for years. I have not needed customer service until recently because of changes in my family auto coverage. It's pretty complicated, lol. I am moving back with my ex-wife, and my teenage son wants to drive all three car. In addition, I bought another car. My ex-wife insurance was with KCAL too with different policy coverage. So I have been calling Maverick Wang many times making changes. He has been so patient with my requests, and I would say it's the best customer service experience I ever had. He thoroughly explained UM, roadside assistance, education discount, and other things. Finally, I was able to get a very good price on all the necessary coverage. By comparing the coverage I have now with other insurance company offered, others were way higher than what I pay now (especially those who air lots of commercials on TV). I would like to thank Maverick Wang, KCAL agency, and Mercury Insurance for providing a peace of mind for my family. I hope more people can benefit from the service this setup provides.
發布日期: 05 November 2015
發布者: George N.
Two months ago,my health insurance cancelled by the insurance,my agent can't help me.She let me after November 1st,we can apply new one.This week when I call her,she help me a lot.
She has made a great impression on me.Thank you so much Karis.
發布日期: 05 November 2015
發布者: Susan Z.
Special thanks to agent Feifei. She is so kind and very professional. Every time when I have problems,she explains very clear and patient. Thank you so much。
發布日期: 28 October 2015
發布者: Xin Z.
Yanfei Li has made a great impression on me. She talks like an angel with beautiful voice and her words are well organized and carefully phrased. She also has quite a professional attitude towards her job, always knowing what your best choice is and guide you to the conclusion. Special thanks to her and the pleasant conversation.
發布日期: 28 October 2015
發布者: Di Y.
Went DB branch last week after work . Nice people inside this place. They took care of my house insurance and 4cars insurance with best deal! Will go for their Heath insurance end of this year! Ps:Simon was very helpful and honest person (_).
發布日期: 18 October 2015
發布者: Melanie Z.
Liu Emily is very sweet, caring, thoughtful, and professional. She find good quote for me. I am very satisfied with my current auto and home insurance. Highly recommend!
發布日期: 30 September 2015
發布者: Michelle H.
Great experience with KCAL DB branch. I called last Friday for an auto insurance and Jessie helped me to find a good policy with reasonable price. She answered all my questions quickly and professionally. I would recommend her to anyone who needs help with their insurance.
發布日期: 30 September 2015
發布者: Patrick W.

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