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I got my health insurance from this company with the assistance of one of their staff named Eureka. She has been really helpful throughout the process despite all the questions that I had. She is very passionate about her work and provides great service. If you all ever try to get insurance definitely check the company out and ask for her!!!!
發布日期: 17 March 2016
發布者: Tiffany L.
I wanted to inquire about car insurance and decided to go with kcal insurance company. Right when I entered the premises, a pretty young lady named Cindy approached me and helped me out right away. She was extremely helpful and answers all my questions and made me feel at ease.
發布日期: 15 March 2016
發布者: Crystal H.
I recently moved to Diamond Bar. It was Saturday 1/31 and I waited till last day to get health insurance for my son. I was going to go to the Hacienda Heights branch (because I use to live over there) but saw on the Map there was a branch right down the street from my house. So glad I checked the map! I went in a little stressed since it was the last day (open enrollment). Jecci Chen the agent that help me was was super awesome. She was very patient and knowledgeable. If i didn't have so many questions, I probably could of got out of there within 15 minutes. But I am a very thorough person, so I ended up spending more than 30 minutes with her and she answered all my questions. Great experience, recommended!!!
發布日期: 03 February 2016
發布者: Jason C.
I stumbled upon this agency when I googled Mercury.

The receptionist who answered the phone was very polite and handed me over to Yvonne. She took my info and emailed me a quote within 30 minutes as she promised and gave me the fairest price I could find.

When I went to the office to pay, the staff was very pleasant and Yvonne was very professional. She had me out of there in a timely manner and thoroughly explained my policy.

I will be adding my renters policy when it expires and giving any future business to Yvonne.
發布日期: 03 February 2016
發布者: Laura Y.
Betty Chen has been a great help!
very good service and gave me very details information^^
發布日期: 26 January 2016
發布者: Tina K.
I got my health insurance with Betty Chen, very good service and gave me very details information for my coverage:)
發布日期: 24 January 2016
發布者: Supermantianyu L.
I went to here to consult about my health plan for the 2016 year, Betty Chen was my agent and she was professional with excellent service. Positive experience.
發布日期: 24 January 2016
發布者: Anny L.
Maverick Wang has been a great help! Well done! Thanks a lot!!
發布日期: 19 January 2016
發布者: Grace Y.
Everyone here have been very helpful and Maverick Wang was super quick and efficient at helping me file my SR-22, informative and thorough. Great work.
發布日期: 15 January 2016
發布者: Tune Into Bernie Sanders G.
Jecci Chen(DB Branch), she always answer my questions really quick and patience. very professional insurance agent. I am very satisfied with my current healthy, auto and house insurance.
發布日期: 17 December 2015
發布者: Ryan H.

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